July 19th

Laborer/helper/cleaner/maintenance/handy-person wanted

$15/hr to start, and with time that could change. I pay via PayPal, or Zelle so do what you will with your taxes, but having one of these payment methods is necessary to get paid by me.
I’m hiring you as a free lance contractor, not my employee, and we will need to sign paperwork saying so. If we decide it’s a good fit I will also require a copy of your ID, and proof of a local address. Sorry, I need someone who has roots here.
I need part-time, but long term help in various labor jobs such as:
-#1- Being able to lift heavy shit for me here and there. If I can lift more than you not going to work because I have a bad back. 80lb bags of concrete should be no problem for you. Although this is not usual work. ***
-***If you’re a great house cleaner we should still talk. I do have a possible job deducted strictly to this…And also if you’re good at outside stuff, and you don’t clean inside of houses.
-House cleaning inside, and out
-Yard work/clean up/maintenance
-pressure washing/painting
-Boat stuff
-All kinds of various other projects so be open to anything. I’ll keep it interesting.
I only need help a few days a week right now, and in the future that might only be one day a week. That would be when the maintenance part comes in.
The icing….We can work on your schedule no problem. I’ll give you a few days heads up that I need help, and let you pick the first day that works for you.
When we agree on a day then we have a deal for that day, and set hours, and this is the most important part of you understanding the entire job.
Do you, but not when we have a set time/day. If I’m revolving my busy schedule around yours, you only get 2 strikes. Messing that part up won’t last with me, and that’s why I’m looking.
No experience necessary, just be able to learn quick. I can’t explain something 3 times if that what it takes with you.
That’s what YouTube’s for, and projects at your home, but I do have a lot of skills I’m willing to share, and teach to a willing, and able learner.
Other than that I work hard, but I’m laid back, and looking for the same.
Sorry, please do not apply if you have bad alcohol, or drug habits. I can’t have you possibly fucked up on a ladder, and I’ll smell it a mile away since I’ve partied myself. I don’t care what you do, just be here when you say you will, and be sober when you’re here.
Email me your resume if you have one, and/or as much about any experience, why this would be a good fit for you, what’s your current living situation, and if you have a reliable vehicle. Let’s get these questions answered first then we can talk further.
You should have a vehicle, unless you live in Big Pine. Having a vehicle will get you more work with me as well.
Great side gig for someone local.
Let’s make some money!
I’ll get back to you either way asap.
Thank you!