Monroe County Schools - Full-Time June 21st

61199 Site Coordinator Head Start

  • Position Type:
    Head Start/Pre-Kindergarten/Site Coordinator
  • Date Posted:
  • Location:
    Early Childhood Department Key West
  • Closing Date:
    Open until Filled
  • Additional Information:
    The essential function of the Family Advocate position within the organization is to be responsible for the day-to-day operation of a Head Start &amp VPK site within the school may include some supervision, maintenance of records, documentation of attendance, enrollment and waiting lists. Under the general direction of a Social Worker Coodinator/Supervisor. The Family Advocate is responsible for building positive relationships and maintaining open communciation with parents, the community resource for family service staff, parents, and volunteers. Collaborates with community agencies and adult education resources. Monitors and facilitates, enrollment meetings, and other activities for children and families. Is respnsible for meeting deadlines and submitting monthly reports as required. Provide professional and performing related work as required.

    Contract days: 222
    Hours per day: 7.5
    Location: Gerald Adams Elementary School
    New employees are placed on salary schedule according to years of experience and receive 1% increments for each year of relevant experience.

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