Monroe County Schools - Full-Time February 16th

61232 Counselor Grades K-8

  • Position Type:
    Guidance Services/Counselor Middle/Junior High
  • Date Posted:
  • Location:
    Sugarloaf School
  • Date Available:
  • Closing Date:
    Open Until Filled
  • Additional Information:
    Florida Department of Education certification in School Counseling (Grades PK-12) is required. You may apply for licensure at
    If you would like assistance becoming FL certified, please contact Certification Specialist Ms. DeLucia at (305) 293-1400 x 53480 or who will be happy to assist you.
    Base Salary range: $56,800 – $92,200 (see attached for initial instructional salary level placement information)
    IncludesFlorida Retirement Systembenefits.
    Review ouremployee benefits guide. Insurance rates on page 11.
    Contract days per year: 198

    Specialization Requirements for Certification in School Counseling (Grades PK-12)

    (1) Plan One. A master&rsquos or higher degree with a graduate major in Guidance and Counseling or School Counseling that includes a minimum of six-hundred (600) clock hours of supervised internship serving school-aged students in a prekindergarten, an elementary or a secondary school setting or

    (2) Plan Two. A master&rsquos or higher degree with a graduate major in Counseling other than guidance and counseling or school counseling as specified in subsection (1) of this rule that includes a minimum of six-hundred (600) clock hours of supervised internship with school-aged children and their families with at least nine semester hours of graduate credit to include the following areas:

    (a) Student appraisal and evaluation methods in prekindergarten, elementary and secondary schools including interpretation and analysis of standardized tests and other assessment results that assist students in career exploration, academic skills and personal and social skill development

    (b) College and career planning for prekindergarten, elementary and secondary school students including college and career exploration and knowledge of financial aid and financing of postsecondary education options

    (c) Principles, philosophy, organization and administration of a comprehensive school counseling program in prekindergarten, elementary and secondary schools and

    (d) Consultation skills and techniques for conferring with groups such as agencies, teachers and parents.

    (3) Applicants using Plan Two shall submit verification from the employing school district to attest that a school counselor with a state-issued professional certificate as specified in Rule 6A-4.004, F.A.C., will be assigned as the applicant&rsquos mentor during the first two (2) years of employment as a school counselor.

    Rulemaking Authority 1001.02,1012.56FS. Law Implemented 1001.02, 1012.54, 1012.55, 1012.56 FS. History-New 7-1-90, Amended 12-22-19

Salary: $56800-$92200
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