Monroe County Schools - Full-Time May 11th


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    Big Pine Academy
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    The essential function of the position within the oganization is to assist teachers in instructing and directing the activities of students to provide a well organized, smoothly functioning classroom environment. The position is responsible for assisting teachers in preparing instructional materials, supervising and assisting children in the classroom and in other areas of the school, reinforcing classroom lessons, administering testing, assisting students with academic and life skills exercises and activities, reinforcing knowledge, assisting students with physical needs, and performing related work as assigned and provididng other assistance as requested incumbents may be responsible for coordinating special project and programs as assigned. The position works under direct supervision according to set procedures.

    Pay Grade From: SSIII-1 through SSIII – 40
    Number of Months: 9 Number of Days: 186 Hours: 7

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