Monroe County Schools - Full-Time April 1st

51090 Teacher Detention Center at DJJ Juvenile Detention Facility Stock Island

  • Position Type:
    Instructional/Other/Teacher, Other Instructional
  • Date Posted:
  • Location:
    DJJ Juvenile Detention Facility Stock Island
  • Date Available:
  • Additional Information:
    Preferred start date: June 4, 2024
    Salary Range: $78,894-$101,700 (based on years of verified, full-time, state educator certified, K-12 teaching experience at public or accredited private schools)
    Benefits: Explore our employee benefits guide for comprehensive details, with insurance rates conveniently listed on page 11.
    Retirement:Choose between the Florida Retirement System Pension Plan or Investment Plan.
    Work days per year: 254
    Work months per year: 12

    This educator will work at the Monroe County Detention Center on Stock Island. This job requires working in the Detention center and playing a crucial role in helping incarcerated students earn their high school equivalency diploma and working with high school students earn their high school credits. Here are the key responsibilities and tasks associated with this role:

    1. Instructing GED Material
      1. Teach essential subjects such as math, science, english and literature to prepare students for the GED exam
      2. Create lesson plans tailored to individual student needs and modify them as necessary throughout the year
      3. Assess students&rsquo readiness to take the GED exam
    2. Individualized Instruction
      1. Implement an individual instructional program based on assessment data, learning styles, and teaching strategies
      2. Provide quality instruction that meets that unique needs of each student
    3. Classroom Management
      1. Maintain a well-organized and conducive classroom environment
      2. Ensure compliance with all of Monroe County Detention Center regulations
      3. Keep accurate records and submit timely reports
    4. Life Skills and Communication
      1. Help improve their critical-thinking, problem solving and communication skills

    Working in a detention center requires adaptability, empathy, and a commitment to helping students overcome challenges. The teacher will play a vital role in empowering incarcerated individuals to achieve their educational goals and build a brighter future.

    Eligibility for Florida certification is required.Florida certification in English, ESOL, Reading, and ESE is preferred. For assistance in becoming FL certified, please contact

Salary: $78894-$101700--12
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