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    Big Pine Academy
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    SUPPORT TEACHER for VPK 4 year old (Paraprofessionals)

    Support teachers are invaluable members of our staff, helping our students succeed by offering personal attention to individuals and small groups. We recognize that support teachers are capable, knowledgeable adults and that some aspire to be educators growing in their careers and dedicated to serving students. As such, support teachers are NOT expected to lead instruction but will assist lead teachers during instruction. Support teachers supervise students and deal with the maintenance of the classrooms. Support teachers should NOT be considered convenient substitutes. They were hired to provide ADDITIONAL support to teachers and students. They are not required to take work home or spend extra hours planning for the day.

    The role of the support teacher may include, but is not limited to:

    • Leading instructional pieces to gain experience if interested (i.e. Everyday Counts Calendar Math, center activities)

    • Supervising arrival time, monitoring the tone of the room as teachers greet students.

    • Assisting with clerical responsibilities such as lunch count, money transactions and attendance.

    • Supervising the class during lunch, recess and specials.

    • Actively assisting specialists

    • Leading Wednesday afternoon enrichment classes

    • Monitoring the class while the lead teacher administers assessments or delivers small group instruction.

    • Offering clerical support: copying, preparing materials, organizing the classroom

    • Assisting with keeping the classroom orderly

    • Providing support for students as tone keepers during work periods, in small group instruction, in one-on-one configurations (reading mentors, tutors, etc.)

    • Assisting so that the teacher can administer TIER II and Tier III interventions and data collection

    • Helping to organize field trip permission forms and confirming chaperones

    • Assisting or implementing special activities or projects

    • Taking pictures of students in action for the Scoop or Twitter

    • Assisting with arrival and dismissal

    • Organizing Scholastic Book Orders

    Occasionally serving as a classroom substitute when the lead teacher is absent.


    • Communicate with parents unless the lead teacher has made this request

    • Lead the class for extended periods of time

    • Be expected to take work home or plan for lessons

    • Assess student work

    • Be solely responsible for instruction in any subject or assessment of students

    • Act in ways that conflict with the classroom or school policies, procedures or routines

    Lead and support teachers should make arrangements to maintain open communication and planning. The lead teacher is responsible for delineating classroom expectations and requests of the support teacher. The support teacher should feel comfortable asking for clarification.

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